The Tangent Ratio (part 1)

This review exercise consists of four parts :

1- Finding the tangent ratio from given sides 

2-Finding  the tangent of an angle .    

3- Find an angle using the Tangent ratio 

4- Finding a side length using the Tangent Ratio


Now , lets start ! 

1-Finding the tangent ratio from given sides

Example :Find tan 0 for this triangle ,expressed as a decimal correct to four decimal places.


First , write the rule you think you are using to minimize your “goofy mistakes” as my teacher says. Then label your triangle . start with labeling the hypotenuse (its always the longest side infront of the 90 degrees angle) . After that look at were theta lies (the circle with a line in it) , the side which is opposing theta is the opposite and the last side left would be the adjacent.


see? really simple 🙂 now finally write the final statement : so tan 0 = 1.2 for this triangle

to be continued …the next question on the second topic will be on my next post 

sincerely ,






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